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Customised property management


Our team will go with you in a Professional way.


We offer you our skills to guide you, to adice you and help you to reach our common purpose.


After analysis, convinced the quality of a property make the quality of its occupant, we look the technical matters of the property and define together the services suggested and improvements we can make together.


Listenning your needs and purposes, together, we establish together a tailored running and adapted concluding with a trust and commitment partnership.


Our mission is clear : secure and optimize all of our properties, concerned to suggest to our customers some good quality properties.

Create your projects


Rental estimation


View and tenant selection

Rental file

Study of solvency

Drafting of the lease agreement

State of the leased


Day-to-day operation

Receipt and rent review

Deal with the costs

Deal with the maintenance 

Rent report

Tax declaration assistance 

Technical management

Home staging advices

Tariff study 

Websites advertising

Reservations management

Drafting of the lease agreement

Check in/Check out

Personalised welcome


Technical management

Free estimate

Real diagnosis

Look for a buyer

Secure the sell
Personalised supervision and advice

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